3 Ideas for Plastic BottlesEnvironmentally conscious, playful and useful together.

My son is a passionate collector and loves empty plastic bottles. They play very well with us, especially when bathing, filling them up, and, of course, with a big spit, they spit in the bathroom.

After a while, however, we will have so many bottles that we have to start with something, because it will not allow them to be thrown away. But after elementary school technology, I would never have thought I'd make something from reusable materials. Have you remembered your rinse-out hair bottle? I just remember that I couldn't manage to get my hair cut out because it was so hard and my hands were well wrinkled. Well, today's plastics are probably a little harder, and there are dads here, too, if they are not going to work out.

Phone buzz

I have to admit I'm not cable friendly, somehow I hate crappy stuffing. But my boyfriend usually puts his phone in the most striking position and doesn't even understand what I don't like about it.The bottle version also solves the problem that there may be no place to hang up the phone. Once you have selected the right size and color bottle, you have no choice but to take the picture as shown:
  • height at the beginning = approx. 2/3-a
  • height at the back = height of phone + width of charger + 2-5 cm
  • Tolltartу

    It's very simple, and I think that's what everybody's done in technology. The top of the walls is wetly trimmed and decorated with colored paper. It could be a wing, an owl, a funny head, or anything that comes to our minds.


    And, uh, my earlier grudge, your hair. What you need: a plastic bottle, a wadding, a waterproof patch, or some kind of linen (eg raincoat, bag).We made a hole for the heartburn, it should be smaller than the diameter of the heartbreaker so that it would not fall out easily.Bathing will surely be a success! You just have to be careful not to let the water out.Ideas here, here, here, and here.Ribcz's blog Anikou can be found here.
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