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Do not do this if the child is fooling!

The most common parenting problem when a kid is believing and we have no idea what to do is just to scratch our hands and look over the face, looking for help.

If the child is fooling around

Of course, you can get lots of good advice from grandparents, friends, and play moms, but now we want to give you an idea of ​​what not to do in the first place, he can't do something and that's it he is very frustrated, or if you lose it and lose control of it completely, or if you don't get something you really want. The problem, in general, is that when we have grown up concentrating on killing hysterics as quickly as we can, we often fall short of giving in to our will because we don't want to maintain this state any longer. However, we should not be frustrated, because if we allow it, the child's behavioral tool can easily enter the mind of the hist than to achieve goals, to gain parental attention. because it is through hysterics that our child learns correctly manage and control your senses and emotions. But what should we not do if the histi comes?

Don't educate yourself at this time!

If the hysteria breaks out, it is best to accept the situation. Do not try to educate yourself at this time, as during hysterics there is no point in explaining to the non-hysterical child that you are dying right now and what would be the right thing to do. This does not help in resolving the situation, in fact, it can only make it worse. In this case, we try to get the child out of the middle where the hysterics have broken out, with as few words as possible. In an attempt to explain to him what happened, he couldn't even get the information in that state of mind.

Don't yell!

We can inadvertently excite hysterics by exhorting the child not to believe in hysterics or to stop hysterics. If you label your behavior, it will only boost your reaction. It is important to mention that although it is difficult to remain calm at this time, it is much easier to groom a gullible child if we know what lies in the background, why the child is doing it, and accepting that it is a specific age will be the number one child. If we were to go out with the kid to stop yelling, we were given the example that he was completely okay, this is the right reaction if we can't do anything with our senses.


Do not punish the child, just because he believes. Many people leave the hysterical seedling alone in the room or forbid their favorite tale for a while. Punishment should not be the only tool in our sleeve in his case. It is a bad feeling that if "the child is teasing us, we will bounce back so he knows what kind of sensation he is causing to others." If we are punished, or if we hit the bottom, we risk our parenting authority and make sure that our relationship loses its solid foundations. he gives birth to his own inertia. Inertia sensation is very difficult to admit, but why should we invent ourselves immediately in every situation? If we have no idea what to do, we can safely communicate our inertia towards the child. After tearing the kid out of the hysterical place, let's go a little farther and say that we are very disturbed by the fact that we are getting tense and waiting a little while we both calm down. In these cases, humor and distraction mean a lot to the child, and they will keep it alive and be thankful to help him.

Don't let us be blackmailed!

It often happens that a child starts to cringe if we don't turn to their favorite ice cream, if they don't miss the seventy-four car in the store, or if they don't let them watch a fairy tale movie for older kids. In this case, the hijacking can start, and if we are not on the front end, our child can easily take control of us. I'll quit when I get ice cream! I'll finish the hysterics if you buy a small car ... It's important that if you really didn't want to buy ice cream and a small car, then you shouldn't miss it because your lurking person wants to be nice. in place of a tool, but these must always be discussed in advance. If the frames are regularly adjusted to their reactions, we will soon find ourselves with a traveling small child, one person in charge of the household and blackmailing the rest of the family. So also remember to comfort the gossip kid with real gifts, sweetness, or excitement!Related articles in the following article:
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