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Hungarian small children do not consume enough iron

Hungarian children consume much less iron than would be needed for development, which can lead to developmental disorders.

Proper iron intake is very important

Hungarian children consume four times more than recommended and much more sugar than recommended, on the other hand, less iron is essential for healthy development - revealed a survey initiated by the Hungarian Society of Pediatricians.While the subsequent iron deficiency is possible, developmental disorders resulting from the iron-poor diet cannot be "cured".
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How do I get started with nutrition?

Playback According to pediatricians, 8 mg of iron per day is required for healthy development, but only two-thirds of children receive it. The consequence of an iron deficient diet may be attention deficit, fatigue, and even mental retardation. As one in three children consumes less iron, experts say this can also contribute to school maturity and the diagnosis of more and more hyperactive children.
Symptoms of acute iron deficiency are paleness, a tendency to infect - these can be remedied relatively easily by iron sores. Symptoms of chronic iron deficiency that develop over the long term are more difficult to detect and can not be relieved by iron bleaching.
However, for iron supplementation, educating mothers and educating them about proper nutrition is also necessary: ​​not only should the child be "not a young adult," he or she has other nutritional needs; but also how and how much of this essential micronutrient is absorbed from foods rich in iron.
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