The majority of Hungarians are in favor of the emergency vaccinations

The overwhelming majority of Hungarians, nearly three quarters of the electorate voted in favor of the defendants, according to a public opinion research by the Hungarian Economic Research Co..

The Hungarian population attaches great importance to the use of vaccines, especially in the case of small children, and in principle does not object to this method of preventing diseases.Overwhelming majority of Hungarians find immunity indispensable The survey, which was conducted in June 2019 at 1,000 people, found that 74 percent of respondents said they were indispensable for health, and not more than 15 more. Ettхl eltйrх vйlemйnyt the megkйrdezettek elenyйszх rйsze, mindцssze 9 szбzalйka kйpviselt.A lakossбg mйg important нtйli the vйdхoltбsokat esetйben children: a 93 megkйrdezettek szбzalйka considers it appropriate to minйl vйlekedik kerьljцn place sooner, йs pusztбn 5 szбzalйkuk children vйdхoltбsбra mбskйppen.A megkйrdezettek Even though 88 of them have no control over the vaccinees, the opponents' counterpart is only 10%.
  • In Europe, fewer people trust vaccines
  • Vaccination can become increasingly dangerous
  • The situation with vaccines is always bad