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It's fun to joke about parenting

The rescue squadron did not experience a resemblance during 40 years of service: a woman lied to rescuers for being in an emergency. Several units marched to the site completely unnecessarily.

Hecc alarmed the rescuers

Called for help from the Miskolc rescue phone by a woman who said she was about to have a baby and gave birth to a baby in a public washroom. An ambulance helicopter and two other units immediately set off for the mother and the newborn. But no one was found there. The rescuer was very difficult to reach the applicant, who first pretended to have no idea about the aid. Later it turned out that he just made a phone call. The rescuers were shocked that they unnecessarily alarmed them with their amusement. Police have also come out to the scene, who are likely to prosecute the whistleblowers.
  • They received a new ambulance, and inaugurated with birth
  • Immediately see a doctor!
  • In the bathtub, the baby was delivered by the rescuers