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Is your child extraordinarily talented?

Among the many smart, smart kids, they have only two to three percent abilities, with an intelligence of over 130.

This is done by a psychologist with the help of different test series. Children who are especially meaningful are twice as fast as their peers, and they recognize relationships in their own right. It is typical that they learn to read, write, they do not like playing with similar agesbecause they have no patience with them. They express themselves like adults for three years - they sometimes make them smile early. They easily memorize rhythmic rhyming phrases, ask unusual queries, and make inquiries about a particular area.

Let's find him a place where he can improve his knowledge

They are very fat because they do not sleep much, and when they are ignorant they always put their heads in something "bad": they disassemble, transform, and color everything. They don't fit easily into the community and into the "average" kindergarten and school system. If you are experiencing similarities with your young child, seek psychological help.Lighten the situation by not teaching her schooling early in school, as it will make you less bored. We are looking for five interested and accessible specialists and sports where he is challenged. Perhaps we find a friend of science, a curious interest, an extraordinary hobbyist who would deal with it once or twice a week. keep your childhood safeand do not want to take advantage of your abilities above average - especially not because of your inadequacy. He or she will only grow up in adulthood. What do you do with your childhood language exams, your fingers, your competitive results when you lose your childhood, freedom, and free play time?They may also be interested in:
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