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On World Heart Day this year, the heart of the children is at the heart of it. Because only a healthy child can become a healthy adult.

The Association of Hungarian Cardiologists and the Hungarian National Day also organizes the Day of Our Heart Day on World Heart Day, September 29, 10, in Várrosliget. This year's event is hosted by Enik Détár and Kárroly Rickas.At the center of our Heart Day event this year is the health and well-being of children and women. The Company wants to emphasize that only a healthy child will become a healthy adult, so it is important to pay attention to eating and daily exercise in childhood.
In Hungary, every second person dies of a heart disease. 2.5 million people have high blood pressure, one million have diabetes, and half the population is overweight. We are much more likely to smoke and consume alcohol than the unique average, but they consume far less green and fruit while exercising the most in a sedentary lifestyle. All in all, these risk factors are responsible for heart rate hiccups of about 80 percent. Not to mention the fact that in our country the number of children who have been pregnant has tripled in recent years. According to the most recent statistics, every fourth girl and every fifth girl in the age group is overweight or pregnant.
At the same time, diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes, which were previously typical of adults, are becoming more common. A poor parent does not fully believe that giving an infant a snack can trigger processes that can have serious consequences in adulthood and even lead to cardiovascular disease.
The organizers are waiting for your inquiries with free health screenings. Professionals give values ​​to everyone to give advice on how and what to change if any of their results are not ideal. According to the organizers, one of the most important things now is for people to face their health and, if necessary, to change their lifestyle.

World Heart Day focuses on protecting the heart of children

Visitors can learn about Restore Techniques, get help from professionals who want to quit smoking, eat healthier, and look for the sport that suits them. The program is also celebrated by stellar fans. In addition, you can make a promise in the form of a message on the site about what your health word will do now.