10 Types of Pregnant Women in the Nursery According to the ChildbirthWhat are Women in the Nursing Room?

Parents have a very special relationship with patients because they have to take care of one of them in a very important life situation. But what type of baby do they meet in their job?

The nervous type

You can see that he is very stressed and scared when we look him in the eyes - for him there is a huge need for help and support for the mother in law.

The stoic type

From the very first minute, she is very balanced, ready to meet the newborn, and there is nothing that can swing her out of this state. Ready for birth, And without a little guidance, you don't need another one.

The calm type

Just like a stoic little mother, she cannot be moved out of the current state of mind. However, for him the specialist board is needed, they are very confident in their births and accept that what they suggest is the best number and the birthright.

The definite type

Х He who has a precise plan for his birth journey and is fully conscious of it as a task to be done. Anything goes, trying to comply with the determination.

The type served

(Of course, in the midst of childbirth, every woman is in a bit of a servile position, but she's much more of an average.) Х The one who is very uncertain can't decide what to do or not to do. She is not a teacher at the birthplace there is a need for a gentle hug, a caress.

Types of confident

Х One who arrives very confidently at birth because she is fully prepared for childbirth. Not at all afraid of the task before him, he is aware of his ability to accomplish this.

The loud type

He is very nervous when he comes to the birth, he constantly talks, just to feel himself, and occasionally repels newborns during birth. Your shouting is deep and gives you all the sensations about birth.

Pain is a well-worn type

She's very happy with the fact that she's going to bring a child to the world and it helps with all the pain in the midst of childbirth.

The surprised type

Х who is very nervous before birth, afraid of what you expect, then in the meantime, he realizes that this process is completely different than he imagined, And he wears it much better than he expected.

The type who you are

The woman who was worried about what was going on for 9 months, but it turns out that strong, fearless, and capable of anything. With or without pain relief, but it can. You can do it all the way through the natural way, even with a cupping, but you can do it. You are quiet, but you have succeeded. Whatever you are, You are impressed with what you have done or what you will bring to life. Because you, Mother, are beautiful and wonderful. (VIA)Related links:
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