The alien alienation is also good for the child

The concept of Parental Alienation is still not very well known in our country, though it is a living problem and has a lot of potential for the child. What Do You Know About This Mental Relief Criminalization?

What is Alien Alienation?

The baby With emotional blackmail or threat and befolyбsolбssal makes the child a to tune against another parentin other cases, it protects the other parent by non-mental or physical punishment. In a number of countries, the Fellowship of the Ministry of Human Resources and the Ministry of Human Resources held its first professional conference on November 30th. Did the main purpose of the event be to raise awareness? Although many laws have been born at international level in this subject, it is still rarely found in Hungary and is rarely encountered in legal, psychological proceedings.
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1991. йvi LXIV. tцrvйny

Convention on the Proclamation of the Rights of the Child, New York, November 20, 1989

Article 2. 2. Egyezmйnyben rйszes бllamok megfelelх intйzkedйseket take the child to the hatйkonyan megvйdjйk all bбrmely formбban jelentkezх megkьlцnbцztetйstхl йs megtorlбstуl that йrhetnй хt due szьlei, or kйpviselхi csalбdtagjai legal position, tevйkenysйge, or vйlemйnynyilvбnнtбsa meggyхzхdйse tцrvйnyes.

During a parent's alienation, one parent harasses the child by attempting to tune in to the other parent through emotional blackmail or threats. It is typical Emotional manipulationwhich results in the child slowly turning away completely from the other parent and йrtйktelennek minхsнti. For the sake of purpose, a stranger is born false security and prosecution and prosecution of the other party.Parental AlienationBecause this process can have severe mental effects on the child, the syndrome is a kind of mental child support also. In the process of alienation, it is often found that negative feelings, such as Damnation, dhhh, and depression develops in them. ? This is the tab? it is also extremely dangerous to look at a child because they are often unaware that they are victims of any kind of punishment. However, the consequences can be serious. If the alien parent succeeds, does the child reject the other parent for no reason? - says psychologist Tomaszszky Laszlo. Although the syndrome typically does not have a unified legal background, some courts recognize parenting with children as a form of returnIn Brazil and Mexico, for example, the alienation has been considered a crime, but it also has legal consequences in Romania and Austria.

Szlli Alienation - What about Hungary?

In our country, the knowledge and treatment of the parent alien is still in its infancy. The Father is the Association of Trustees It was created in 2014 to provide advice and legal assistance to parents who are trying to alienate their children. Because desires are typically passed on to the mother after the desires, the public tend to associate the above phenomenon with the father. At the conference, the request was only dealt with on a professional basis, and our aim was to raise awareness of the issue, to recognize the signs of alienation in the profession, and to protect the child. We understand this goal. Accurate domestic data has not yet been produced in this issue, however medical procedures approx. Parent alienation is found in 90%? - He told Csaba Szaniszlу, The Father is the president of the Just Association.

Education is important

Parental alienation covers a broad range of disciplines, and at the conference, legal and psychological professionals also spoke at the conference. In addition to presenting the phenomenon and its symptoms, it was not only the role of paternity and the role and presence of the father in the life of a child, but also that of a Hungarian professional conference on the subject. Baker, an American psychologist, researcher, has also joined one of the largest international experts on the subject. Here you can contact the association: The Apostle is the website of the TrusteesIt's another important choice for a relationship