Does Bovine Influence Affect Hysterical Seizures?

Our intestinal flora, that is, the microbes that live in our gut, influence our health in many ways, including the way we affect our mood. According to a new study, the presence of certain bacterial bacteria may change the temperament of young children.

There is a correlation between sex flurry and hist frequency

Researchers at Ohio State University studied the composition of infants between the ages of 18 and 27 months and found that the presence or quantity of certain bacteria influences the behavior, especially the little ones. This dependence is, for example, irrespective of the method of birth, breastfeeding, or just how developmental studies. Not only did we want to know who was more likely to develop dementia, asthma, or inflammatory disease, but also when it came to being more stressful, "more research has proven. These hormones play a major role in the development of chronic diseases, but also in how one responds to stressful, frustrating situations. communication between the brain and the intestinal bacteria, but we do not yet know which side of the initiator, that is, the composition of the bowel influences the brain, or the impulses from the brain change the bowel, "he said. dr. Michael Bailey microbiologist, a leading author of the research.

Results of research

A total of 77 children, boys and girls, participated in the research. I found that the children who had the most variety of inner fluorescence, that is to say, the most diverse microbes in their sample, were characterized by openness, friendliness, friendliness. It was noticeable that when certain bacterial strains proliferated and were overstated, distinct characteristics of extroverted personality took precedence over the boys. Overgrowth of the same bacterium, such as Rikenellaceae strains, has been observed to increase in size. bйlflуra get the basics you have already szьletйskor, йs jelentхs mйrtйkben befolyбsolja pйldбul цsszetйtelйt in the szьletйs mуdja or breast tбplбlбs meglйte.A professionals, as йrdemes not start vбltoztatni children йtrendjйn, hбtha ettхl vбltozik the bйlflуra цsszetйtele, йs нgy these kutatбsi eredmйnyeknek the hatбsбra behavior as well. At the very least, we do not know what the "ideal" bluff is, that is, the bacteria needed to keep a child calm, balanced, and free of hysterics.Related articles in the following article:
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