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When do you see I'm pregnant?

It takes months before the first baby is born, and the increasingly curvy stumps are recognizable to the naked eye, without calling attention to typical baby clothes.

However, the growth of the bee has long since gained a little extra space: the tight, tight trousers, the tight stockings, the collapsed posture. Pay attention to these signs and wear clothes made of softer, softer fabrics.
The second, third baby sooner the tissues "let go", first, the bulging tummy appears, though you may notice that, with reference to the form, we have less stomach penetration.

How big will my stomach be?

During the months of pregnancy, the uterus is more than tenfold female, and the abdominal muscles and abdominal skin adapt to this change. If you have a different weight, or if you want more than you want, then the fat under the belly will increase the size of the tummy. You should not pay attention to this, because if you let go of your blessed condition, you may face adverse consequences after birth.

Every expectant mother is waiting for her belly to curl up

Of course, snacks are free, in fact, there are no mothers who wouldn't want something extra delicious, but pay attention to their mettle. During exercise, we also do light physical exercise, exercise at home, or go hiking. Don't be hesitant when it comes time, if we couldn't deny carrying a baby under our heart, our rounded tummy will turn out for us!
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