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You can take action against breasts too!

Breasts are the most common cancer in women. In Hungary, about 7,500 new cases occur each year, and more than 2,500 women die each year as a result of the disease.

Breast cancer is one of the most common diseases among women, although there is a good chance that early detection can avoid the more serious consequences. Early detection of breast cancer is a good chance that advanced cancers can be fatal. Early detection is based on a combination of individual examination and regular medical check-ups.
The examination must be conducted monthly over the age of 20. In the event of any change, it is advisable to consult a specialist as soon as possible.

What to look for during a breast exam?

Changes that require medical examination may include:
o lump in the breast or armpit
o Changing the shape of the breast
o the nipple release
o Nipple sticking
o Change of breast skin (eg appearance of new radish or nodule)
Most lumps or dislocations are not a major problem. If the perceived change is even malignant, the chances of successful treatment are higher the sooner you seek medical treatment. That is why it is important to know our breasts and to monitor for changes.

Testing and early detection solutions

The method of examination can be learned for all women. In addition to the manual exam, a special lamp designed specifically for this purpose is now helping the home examination. In Hungary, a breast lamp capable of shining the breast with red light is also available, so any changes can be recognized with the naked eye. With the help of the lamp, changes can be detected at an early stage, even those that may not be palpable at hand.
Regular monthly medical check-ups, medical check-ups, and mammography are all capable of preventing women from avoiding a serious illness.