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Why should Ildikó Christian be on every line?

The X-Factor took the public list to a new level this year: Ildikó Christian almost sniffs all the broadcasts.

Do you really have to surrender to our senses so much? It seems, yes. The Indiana University according to his latest research, athletes who, after losing a match, shave themselves better over the long term. According to the researchers, this "impertinence" in fact represents a high appreciation. And this is not the only benefit of diarrhea: there is a growing body of evidence suggesting that diarrhea also reduces allergies, and may even alleviate the pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis. Let's see how a cost benefit can help: Research results suggest that leanness helps regulate the immune system. In an experiment conducted in 2006, 60 patients suffering from eczema and latex allergy were asked to watch a romantic film titled Kramer vs. Kramer. Before and after the film, the researchers applied latex to the subjects' skin and examined the reaction. It turned out that the participants who cried had less skin reactions than those who did not lighten the film.
A Japanese study of patients with rheumatoid arthritis has shown that those who easily overwhelm themselves experience less pain and symptoms than those who are less afflicted.

Boys - girls

Ad VingerhoetsProfessor of Psychology at Tilburg University said that women generally mourn more than men, but at important events in life, such as mourning, they do not. Research has shown that men tend to cry out when they are frightened of events, while women tend to shed their head when they are experiencing unpleasant events. In women, prolactin is the most important hormone responsible for lymphoma, and its levels rise before and during fasting. According to Professor Vingerhoets, in men, the testosterone hormone can block the urine, which is due to the fact that they are less likely to be hungry than women. Of course, people also depend on their personality for how often they cry - neurotic and sensitive, empathetic people, for example, have a higher degree of curiosity.
Increasing prolactin levels can also affect people. We are also more likely to be sleep deprived, which can be explained by the influence of the state on the limbic system that regulates our senses. The limbic system can be unbalanced by some disease, such as stroke or brain, or Parkinson's, Alzheimer's or multiple sclerosis. In this case, we speak of pathological listings, also known as emotional incontinence.
Baby Room: Is it okay for your baby to cry? According to Dr. Aletha J. Solter, author of The Wicked Baby Book, Not All Fat is Bad! The psychologist has found that it is nice to have a baby to laugh at. You don't always have to be silenced. Once it turns out that you are not hungry, not thirsty, not in pain - you best do it by embracing yourself and letting it go. Don't you want to scold yourself sometimes, without trying to reassure everyone "there is nothing wrong"? It is. And it's easy to sneeze.