A baby boy with a mom's eyes

Newborns are smoking… they drink a lot. At first glance, it sounds like a simple noise, although the baby listings are very complex, so they communicate with us. But what do they say?

What does the baby cry for?

Read it with one child Sara Given humorous experiences who share with you the types and reasons for your baby's ribbons.

Slow onset, intense stroke

You can barely see anything in front of me, but for now, this decoration is messing up, and it's getting lost. Shouldn't we get rid of it? What should I do with the owls? Were these creepy predators the best choice for my room?

Forced short, continuous repetition

I hate to sleep. Sleep is my deadly antics, I will always protest against it. Yeah, and good luck with your workplace presentation tomorrow.

Fuhr and grater rolls

That woman on the mom's board was right. You have to do the exact opposite of what you are doing right now.

Slow and repeatable batch

Can we finally see something else in the future like your favorite series? I'm frustrated to hear that lead signal once again.

Zihbla, intermittent sting

I pooped again! I know it seems impossible for such a small body to lose so much waste, but this is the case, I'm so special! He's leaking up my back, he'll reach his shoulder soon, so time to act! Orange alarm, orange alarm!

Short, steeply upward swell that goes into screaming

I'm fine, I just like to watch your desperate face as you search the internet to see what's wrong with me.

Desperate and indecisive flushing, usually in high pitch

I'm hungry and just want to eat through at least six Urans. Please take your breasts off somehow and leave them in the numbers during this time. The original article can be found here. Useful articles from the list: