Depressed fathers are more prone to childbearing

Depressed father fathers are more likely to spank their one-year-old children, experts warn.

THE Pediatrics A study published in a major online journal edited the data of 1,746 grandfathers from sixteen major cities in the United States. The comprehensive survey conducted in this topic was completed in 1999 and 2000, but the data are still valid today, said study lead researcher Neal Davis. Smallpox depression can be largely attributed to unemployment, which is nowadays much higher than a decade ago, the expert added.

After childbirth, the father may be depressed

According to the results a depressed daddy 40 per cent, only 13 per cent of healthy people spanked their child at one year of age. Previous studies have already shown that it is spunky kids they will be more prone to physical punishment and aggression. According to experts, physical assault is much more problematic at such a young age because little ones can be hurt, or "they probably do not appreciate the relationship between their behavior and the crime they have suffered". depressziуt, and 15 percent have declared that spit on the kid in the period prior to the survey. Some people have had a morbid mental illness, even though others may have had fetal distress after childbirth, similarly to about 25 years old.
About 80 percent of fathers have been in almost constant contact with their child's physician due to mandatory routine examinations, so it is very important for professionals to pay close attention to their fathers' mental health on such occasions.
THE depressed little priest they did not excel in positive parenting practices such as fairy tale reading. The reason, according to experts, is that reading requires a greater concentration that the depressziуsok they are not very capable.
Baby Room: Although many people do not know, there is a significant hormonal change during pregnancy and during the childhood period in the father's body. The father may become pregnant and have nausea during pregnancy, stomach bloating during pregnancy, and symptoms similar to postpartum depression are not uncommon. Take into account the social pressures that are required to maintain the family during this election period, and the other concerns that are "unfair" to talk about. The father's life is not an easy thing either. Regardless of this, the punishment of a child is unacceptable to either the father or anyone else.