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A new applique tells you how sick the child is

A new app on your kid's face tells you what kind of genetic disease you may be suffering from. This can help doctors in the diagnosis process.

A new applique tells you how sick the child isA digital health company has developed an application that can tell you what genetic disease your baby may be suffering from. Based on historical data, the system will determine which child's features and face shape are the most valuable of the diseases that they may suffer from. This application can greatly help doctors in the diagnosis process - writes (Photo: Nature / Face2Gene) Throughout the tests, the application was able to tell with 65 percent accuracy how ill the child is suffering. However, if the child's ascendant's genetic malady was diagnosed with the 10 most valuable diagnoses, the application revealed the patient with 91 was up to 80 percent for a Belgian child. Even if the efficiency of the application is over 100 percent, it can only be a complement to conventional medicine, but it will be Medicine published the application of the application in a scientific journal.
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